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I’m not called ‘The Winning Coach’ for nothing…

I guess this is where I excel. As a practising Performance Psychologist who has spent most of my life either performing or working at the elite end of the sport, I have a real depth of knowledge and applied experience. As an athlete, I spent years working with the top Sport Psychologists, always striving to achieve that ‘flow state’ that you hear athletes talk about. I worked through all of the traditional pre-performance routines, competition routines, debriefing, focus, visualisation, imagery, coping strategies, the list goes on…

As a psychologist, I have found that NLP and Hypnotherapy can take sporting performance to the next level. That’s where Mental Fitness comes in; with my theoretical knowledge around the psychology of performance and my years of experience working in a team and individual sports, I can confidently state that I have a formula that works, and you might be surprised with what that ‘magic ingredient is’.

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