The Science

I developed the Mental Fitness methodology from science and coaching, specifically Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This methodology is grounded on my published research on the Psychology of beliefs on Performance. The study powerfully demonstrates the power of the psychological and emotional mind over the pharmacological benefits of a performance enhancing substance.

Mental Fitness looks at the psychology of beliefs, behaviour change and success and combines it with my expertise in NLP and Hypnotherapy. From this, I have designed a Hypno-therapeutic Mental Fitness framework, which works practically and subliminally to unlock the untapped power of your mind, release any emotional blockages which ultimately heals the  body.

How does this relate to Mental Health and Wellbeing?

We all generally accept that performance athlete’s work daily on their physical fitness. We don’t often appreciate the work spent on their Mental Fitness and well-being. 

Whilst working with athletes as a psychologist, I found that I was often working on issues relating to their general well-being and not sport-specific. Through this work, I developed the Mental Fitness framework that supports overall Mental Health and Well-being whilst still focusing on successful outcomes, which is essential for athletes and in everyday life.

Regardless of whether you are an Olympian, a High school student or a part-time cleaner, understanding yourself and how you relate to others and the world creates your feeling and overall well-being. The solutions are just the same.

Using my extensive knowledge and experience as a psychologist, therapist and coach, I will work with you to create the best way forward using my unique Mental Fitness method.

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